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Using our Shopping Cart
Shipping on the items is estimated.  Actual shipping will be calculated at time of shipment and you will either be given a refund or asked to pay the actual amount.  (This is due to how the shopping cart works and the fact that we have items that weigh very little and items that weigh a great deal.)  (I am still working on a solution.)
PLACING A $ 20.00 DEPOSIT ON ROOMBOX PRIOR TO SHOW - click button below, then send an email with your name, the name of the roombox, and the name of the show.    email address - lynda@goliathminiatures.com
Ordering Houses   (John is really not doing houses now, unless it is of great interest to him.)

The "Contact Us" section of our web page has Email & Mail addresses and a Phone Number. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and/or full Email address.

We CANNOT accept Credit Cards on the web at this time, we do accept Paypal. Orders paid for with personal checks will be held 7-10 days to allow the check to clear your bank. Orders paid for with a money order, certified check or cashiers check will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Merchandise shipped to OHIO or NEW JERSEY addresses must pay SALES TAX. 
Shipping & Handling Houses

We cannot ship to PO Boxes.

Shipping charges are based on the size and weight of the house and the distance shipped.

After your order is placed and the merchandise is packed, we will determine the total shipping and handling charges to your address and notify you. At that time, if the charges are not acceptable, you may cancel your order or we may discuss alternatives.

Shipping to locations outside of the United States will vary greatly and are subject to import and duty taxes, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

If orders are shipped using LTL (Less Than a Load) Trucking, someone will need to be at the receiving location to unload the truck. Drivers are only required to drive the truck, not to load and unload merchandise (although many will help unload if asked to do so - but there is no guarantee).
Thank you for shopping at Goliath Miniatures LLC!!

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