Classical Pavilion

Classical Pavilion debuted at Philadephia Miniaturia

The  Classical Pavilion suggests the architecture of the Greeks and Romans.  Details include the Corinthian capitals on the fluted columns, the external frieze with triglyphs, etc., the internal frieze with triglyphs, etc.

The floor was made from individually cut squares of countertop laminate in a black marble patterns.  The white part is styrene strips cut to size.  The structure is electrified and has a 6-light chandelier in each major section.  The base is covered with stone.  The roofs of the octagons have plexiglass panels to allow natural light in the structure.  The roofs on the front porch and the rear alcove have 'clay tiles' - actually molded from resin in the style of the Mediterranean.   The 'walls' are glass between the columns.  The glass has been removed to allow for better pictures. 

The Pavilion is built in 1:12 scale - 1 inch = 1 foot.  Each octagon is about 11 in at its widest point.  The base of the structure is about 30 in wide, 27 in deep, and at the tallest - 21 in.

The furniture in the structure is courtesy of Petticoat Porch.

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