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LARGE FORMAT Art Deco Roombox

The Large Format Art Deco roombox debuted at the 2011 Philadelphia Miniaturia Show and was very well received.

The LARGE FORMAT Art Deco roombox is 24" wide (outside) c. 23" inside !!!
The ceilings are 12" high !!!
The floor is 11" deep.

The top of the box is solid plywood for installation of chandelier.
The front is removeable plexiglass. 

Price = $ 235.00
Refund will be made of any additional shipping charges when actual shipping is calculated.

The front of the roombox is a strong sheet of plexiglass -
for protection of the contents as well as maximum viewing.  The front panel slides up by using the wooden handholds on the back - hidden when viewing from the front.

When up or removed, the owner may access the entire roombox for painting, decorating, etc.
John put some of his Egyptian collection in the 24" Art Deco - looks pretty good, doesn't it?

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