The Houses of

HALF SCALE Shops   1/2 inch to 1 foot scale  (1:24)

The Shops are now listed on three pages:

Original Shops        LARGE Shops        Small Shops       HALF SCALE Shops (This Page)

The HALF SCALE Southwestern Shop debuted at the 2011 N.A.M.E. National Convention.

The HALF SCALE Victorian Shop debuted at the 2011 IGMA show.

Half Scale Victorian Shop  Half Scale Southwestern Shop

Half Scale Victorian Shop

Half Scale Southwestern Shop
Same decorations as the full scale single Victorian Shop.
Front is resin - can be painted.  Removeable (2 screws and 2 hooks)
Approximately 8 1/2" wide on the outside.  5" ceiling.  5 1/2" deep floor.
Plexiglass lid is removeable - lifts off. 
Windows have plexiglass, interior trim included.  HWH6033 door.

Similar to full scale Southwestern Shop.
Large store windows (do not  open) on either side of modified, working Houseworks HWH6033 door.
Floor 8" x 5 1/2".  5" ceiling.
Plexiglass Lid.  Windows have plexiglass.  Interior trim supplied.

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