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Scanning your Antique family photos
scanning your antique photos
Did my first scanning at Chicago Fall Show !!!

I will have my laptop and printer at most shows.

If you want me to frame YOUR antique family pictures, please bring them and I will scan your pictures and return them to you at the show.
If I can, I will frame them during the show and you can pick them up before the show is over.
If I need to – if the show is too busy – I will send you the framed pictures.

I have offered to do this before but I never had the equipment with me, so I would have had to return the originals later.
I know some of you are hesitant to trust your antique family pictures to the mail.
I probably would be too.

If this works out, I will start bringing the equipment to all shows.
Chicago International would probably be too busy, but we’ll see.

Prices for framed customer pictures are usually less than double the frame price.

Antique family pictures usually work out best in the smaller frames.
See here for most obvious choices - http://www.goliathminiatures.com/minipix/Standing%20Frames.html

Or here - http://www.goliathminiatures.com/minipix/Goliath%20Miniatures%20-%202014%20New%20Frames.html

I can also frame pictures sent to me - either hard copy or digital files.  (400 dpi or better)

 Photos are by the owners unless otherwise attributed.

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